Who We Are

The TROKOT company was founded in 2012 in the city of Moscow. It all started with the idea of creating a decent and high-quality sun shade system that could completely replace window tinting. 

Our first steps began in a small garage (20 square meters) while at this time the production was no bigger than 25 sets of shades per month. Since then, the business has  been growing year by year and our innovative magnetic shades are now available in many countries such us Australia, USA,Africa, France, Belgium and obviously in the United Kingdom.   

Since the beginning we pay a great attention to the quality and innovation of the product.

For the last years we have manually taken window measurements of more than 1500 cars. We can guarantee every window shade fits perfectly the window shape and offers full coverage. 

TROKOT magnetic shades are tailor made for all cars so that is why the delivery of your shades can take up to 2 weeks depending on the season.  

TROKOT AFRICA is a sole distributor of TROKOT brand in the African countries..

Our British branch has been launched to cover growing demand for TROKOT products in West Europe. 

Our excellent, custom fit car window shades are available for our UK customers as well as others in Europe straight from the UK distribution centre based in West Yorkshire. 


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